The Notificiation!

Being a busy clinic we are unfortunately unable to see new clients in person at this present time.

We can however offer guidance through email consults where there would be up to 3 emails from New Hope Health Centre regarding your health concerns. Through diet suggestions and herbal supplements many ailments are overcome by following a regime that we can guide you through.

We believe that our health shouldn’t be taken for granted. It is a gift in life we need to nurture on all levels. We suggest when you email with your concerns what would be best to build and support your health system to help you become the complete person desire to be.

May it be a detox of some sort, may it be vitamins or minerals you need. Or may be hydration , change of diet and exercise that are needed.

We at New Hope Health Centre will do our very best to guide you once you have contacted us with your health concern. With a detailed regime and or protocol that will help get you on the right path.

The goal is a life style change to become who you want to be. Health does not just come by wishing and hoping. It is work! You will need to invest into yourself completely and walk a new path of choice.

But the rewards will be immeasurable.

Cost for email consult is $60.00